Thursday, April 12, 2012


I just love anything and everything to do with books. I love looking a covers,reading about the authors, and well.. reading the stories themselves is just wonderful. I love when I open a book I am transported to far off places and wonderful adventures. Or maybe I'm off skiing  in the mountains with some tall dark and mysterious man. Ahhh! the things and places a book can take one.

    I just finished reading Once in a Blue Moon. I  enjoyed reading this book. While it was a little out of my normal reading zone, I just fell in love with this author. I love how when I read this book, I learned about music, I have come to love and a play I haven't read yet. It is now sitting in my room waiting for me to read it.

  Right now I'm reading the series 39 clues. I'm having so much fun reading this series. Its such action packed and reads quickly. I've been asked,by my friends,"why, are you reading a kids book?" My reply is I love reading all books. I don't see books as age groups. All the author and the books want is for some to read and enjoy the book.
 I love to read books, that I know my kids are going to read,so we can talk about it. I really enjoy seeing their enthusiasm for the books and hearing their point of view of the books. I hope everyone gets to experience a good book.

   Happy reading!

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